We are Take 1 Dance

Take 1 Dance was established in 2008. Managed by Melissa Rose, we began by running weekly dance classes for local families and young people, lead by Willis Rose. Since the days of beginning our classes our dance school has grown and over the years has become one of the most successful dance schools in the country.

Take 1 Dance provides an engaging and positive experience for all our dance students. We provide an environment in which new dancers feel comfortable and existing dancers are able to realise and achieve their potential. Our structured dance programme teaches a wide range of Street dance styles, as well as Ballet, Tap, Contemporary and Gymnastics, promoting important life skills that are necessary for a child’s development. These include building confidence, raising awareness of health and fitness, instilling good character and developing communication skills. For those who wish to take their training further we provide unique opportunities in training and development on all kinds of platforms from workshops, performances, residentials and competitions. This is all in addition for those wishing to enjoy dance as a hobby, for which we provide a variety of open classes welcoming all levels of experience. Naturally, there are numerous positive benefits for people who join our dance classes, but more importantly, it’s also really good fun!


Our multiple dance teams regularly compete across the country in street dance championships as well as within the underground dance scene. Their skills include a variety of dance styles and we instil the importance of working together as a team to push forward together.

Our teachers ensure that they, and all members of Take 1 dance are pushed to constantly challenge and improve themselves. We also promote a healthy mindset to encourage progression which includes regular conditioning, fitness and strength training for our dancers to enable them to compete at a consistent high level.

Our aim is to create holistic dancers where any background is welcome and encouraged as we believe dance has no limits on what each individual can achieve, learn and share.

Our Dance Studio is equipped with fully equipped surround sound system to allow for the best quality sound to work with. As we are based in an organisation that specialises in sound engineering we always have a sound engineer on site to ensure all sound equipment works to produce a crisp sound. We operate our music using a variety of plug ins. Being able to plug in phones, ipads, laptops, macbooks and can also cater for CDs.

We have full length mirrors stretched across the front of the studio. Our equipment includes a ballet bar and flat smooth surface floor. Ideal for a variety of styles of dance. We also have a selection mats and crash mat for our gymnastic classes along with free weights, skipping ropes and other fitness equipment for our conditioning classes.

For those waiting for a class or those waiting for their child/friend doing a class we have a waiting area with tables and chairs for you to sit back and enjoy the class without any disruption. Feel free to have a look at our many pictures from various competitions, battles and castings as well as a glimpse of our ever growing trophy collection.


Open Classes

At Take 1 Dance we are happy to bring you our weekly Open classes. Our classes are tailored to encourage people within all levels of dance.

Whether you want to try something new, keep fit or enjoy an easy going, fun environment every week, our classes are made just for you. For more information on our open classes  please call us on 0115 970 8982 and ask for Melissa Rose or use the contact form below.

We have 2 open classes a week. Our beginners is suited for those who want to try something new to those who have been dancing for a bit but want to develop their technique and performance skills. This class is every Wednesday 6 – 7pm. Our second class is Advanced Open class. This class is taught at a fast pace and is assumed you are already fluent in various technique and have experience in performing, competing and training. Our Advance Class is every Thursday 6.30 – 8.15pm.

Both these classes are just £4 per session. For more information on all our classes please have a look at our dance timetable page.

1 - 1 Privates

We offer extra private lessons to give our students the opportunity to hone their talent and really push their dance abilities. These dance lessons are predominantly aimed at competitors/advanced students.

Our team of teachers provide a calm and relaxed environment where they are able to help you build your confidence as well as your technique. For more information about our 1-1 private lessons and becoming a member please call us on 0115 970 8982 and ask for Melissa Rose or use the contact form on the right.

Dance Videos

Below you will find videos from our Youtube channel. Our Youtube channel, ‘Take1Dance‘ is where you can keep up to date with all our activities; whether it be our weekly Open classes, our many trips to competition/battles/performances across the country and more. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay up to date on our latest videos.