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Awards For All

This project provides activities for families to enjoy spending time together breaking down the barriers between the young and the old, helping parents understand and take part in their child’s after school interest.

We feel that if we can help improve family life at home, young people will be less likely to turn to their peers. Making them less likely to seek approval of gang life, making them less vulnerable to knife and violent crime.

This project is designed for young people and parents to develop a common interest and eliminate the need for young people to be out of the home and putting themselves at risk. Workshops for the whole family have included dance classes and music production, which included making music using music software and recording vocals. We also run workshops for parents on E-safety, gang culture and drug awareness. 

Reaching Communities

Our main project this year has been funded by Reaching Communities, and has focused on providing mentoring services and workshops to disadvantaged young people and those affected by gang and violent crime. We have partnered with Breaking Barriers Building Bridges on this project who have supported us with their bespoke outreach and mentoring services.

As part of this project we have already provided free dance workshops to local schools. We have also provided an 8-week Music Technology Course at a local secondary school. We have engaged with a number of at-risk young people providing weekly mentoring sessions and supporting them in developing their own business ideas, to enable them to develop their own route steering the away from previous negative and risky behaviour.

During the COVID-19 lockdown period, we continued to provide dance workshops, drama and film workshops and music production remotely via Zoom. We have also put together a racial awareness project ‘Let’s Talk’, a video documentary series, highlighting the different experiences and feelings of different groups of people of all ages and colours.

Take 1 have also produced a weekly black history education video ‘Thank you Thursdays’ that brings attention to the lives and achievements of Black people. Our most vulnerable service users were engaged with daily offering further support where needed, including help with education.

We have offered advice and guidance via our social media pages for parents and young people with advice on how to stay safe online and support with mental health.

We are currently planning a range of other monthly workshops and will focus on different issues (e-safety, confidence building, choices and consequences, business enterprise, CSE, health and relationships). All workshops will aim to support the young people to build their skills and resilience and hopefully access further learning.

Starting in September, our E-suite of learning resources for parents will aim to support parents in e-safety for their children, spotting the signs of county lines/grooming, supporting their child's mental health.

Our E-suite of learning resources for young people will support the workshops that we will deliver, but also be made accessible to a wider audience via our website and social media channels. Subjects covered will include county lines, grooming, e-safety, choices and consequences, and healthy relationships.


Castle Cavendish

Every year during the summer holidays we host a number of projects aimed at supporting families.   Our annual Summer Program is overwhelmed with children aged 7-14 needing childcare. We provide a three-week program packed full of activities including daytrips, swimming, outdoor adventures and free meals.

We are also accustomed to providing free family fun days taking place on our local fields and parks. Providing games, music, performances and bouncy castles all based around family entertainment.